As I was saying…

As I was saying, I expected my period to arrive before Tuesday (today) and so it did. Right on time, just like clockwork. I am, like, soooo boooring.

Today is CD1. I immediately consulted the calendar to work out when we might have another decent well-timed cycle. As you do. This cycle is going to be a bust, as I will only be on CD10 when I leave home for the new job. On the positive side, this means I can have a month medication free. Most certainly a very good thing.

Meanwhile, December looks like it might work out in a kind of fantastically awesome way. If my boring clockwork cycles continue then I should ovulate over the Christmas/New Year break. I will be spending that week at home, because my new employer, being a government agency, is shut down during that week. Hurrah!

UPDATE: I have just read the very sad news that Still A Guest Room lost her third pregnancy. Please stop by and offer your support, as she and her husband are understandably devastated.

  1. tasivfer’s avatar

    A month off sounds a bit freeing, especially as you are almost certain to have a good try in December! :-)

  2. justine’s avatar

    hooray for a non-medication month, and for time off for the holidays! (Carrot cake sounds lovely, BTW. As does tea. Today, I'll take comfort in *your* hopeful news. :)

  3. Misfits’s avatar

    A non-medication month is worth looking forward to! I like that the stars will align for Christmas break. Sending you good thoughts and glad that this bit is over for now. And, yeah for a govt job with convenient time off, too! Shoot, not everyone gets a holiday break.

  4. thecrazycatwoman’s avatar

    I'm so sorry to hear about your unsuccessful "long shot". I hope your month off does you good. x

  5. Twangypearl the Elastic Girl’s avatar

    Hiatus is good, sometimes. And then, ooh, December! I love it when things come together.

    So to speak!

  6. Pundelina’s avatar

    Hey we're in synch! Hooray for med free cycles and the lack of crazy that comes with the meds. Hey, let's have "trick-the-universe" babies next year ok? I think we should both get pregnant in late December and pop out happy healthy bebes in September 2011.


  7. Alex’s avatar

    Sorry for CD1, but a non-medicated month sounds wonderful!

  8. bunny’s avatar

    Good job beeldin' on time! (Though how I hate those months of waiting to see if something will go awry with a normally clockwork cycle. Please, clock, be good!) I'm glad you're choosing to pass this month so you can have a med break (rather than hoping for super long-lived sperm). I am so hoping this new job will be wonderful and renewing.

  9. Still A Guest Room’s avatar

    You are truly precious…thank you so much for sending encouragement my way. It is so appreciated.

  10. Andie’s avatar

    Punde, I love that plan. It's a deal :)