As predicted

It was negative.

I expect my period will arrive on schedule tomorrow.

I am not surprised. I am disappointed. I am frustrated.

  1. The Crazy Cat Woman’s avatar

    I am so, so sorry. :-(


  2. mel’s avatar

    sorry. mel xx

  3. twangy’s avatar

    So sorry to hear that, Andie. Blast it, anyway, it’s SO disappointing.

  4. Patience’s avatar

    Here from LFCA. I am so very sorry.

  5. Pundelina’s avatar

    Well fuckdamn. I’m sorry the universe didn’t prove you wrong.


  6. conceptionally challenged’s avatar

    I’m so sorry. Boo to the universe.

  7. Adele’s avatar

    Andie, I’m sorry. It’s not fair. It’s not fair that things went so well, that you had that time together, and that this is the outcome. I hate it with all my heart and I’m sorry. (Yet one more piece of evidence against the universe).

    (And I’m sorry that I have been such a lousy commenter. I’m an ass of gargantuan proportions because I thought your new posts were coming up on my blogroll after I repasted the link you put in the comments section a few posts ago. I thought that things were just very quiet on your front and realized this morning that the repaste didn’t save and that I’d missed the last few posts. Smacking forehead).

  8. Runningmama’s avatar

    Just joining your journey. I’m so sorry it didn’t work out.

  9. bunny’s avatar

    Shit, Andie, I thought I’d updated your link, but it didn’t work. (Not that you care, but I’m just sorry to have missed things.)

    HELL! I’m so sorry about this outcome. It’s got to feel endless and hopeless. And given the extra stress of your situation, yeah, frustrating, disappointment. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH! I’m sending you lots of love and internet hugs.

  10. ali’s avatar

    I’m so sorry!

  11. Elphaba’s avatar

    I’m so sorry. That sucks. Hugs.