March is a bust. The husband had a business trip.  I couldn’t go, seeing as I am now an awesome professional legal type and all. So, we must wait until April.

I admit that I find this is very frustrating. We agreed to throw our all at it this year. I will be thirty-eight in a few months. I really don’t think there is any time to waste.  As I said in my last post, highs are higher, lows are ever so much lower.

This missed month is something that is completely out of my control, so I must return to my zen-like attitude of living in the present. And the  immediate present brings a long weekend complete with a visit home to the farm. I am so very excited. I just can’t wait. Green grass, long sunsets in the valley, walks on the beach, plants, cows…heaven.


In a technical aside, I have put a link on the sidebar that will take you to a page of information about how you can update your blogroll links or feed readers now that I have a self-hosted blog.  If you do have a link to this blog or follow it, please know that I am very grateful. I hope that the information that I have posted there makes sense. If you have any difficulty at all, just leave a comment and I will put on my TCF Tech Support Hat and try my best to resolve the issue.

  1. twangy’s avatar

    Take our girl home, country roads!

    Have a lovely time – green grass, sunsets, cows – it sounds like Heaven, where all the frustrations can melt away for a time, at least.

    (Google reader works fine with your feed, btw.)

  2. Justine’s avatar

    The upcoming trip sounds like a welcome detour … deep breaths. It’s hard to maintain zen … hang in there!

  3. Conceptionally Challenged’s avatar

    Those months are so hard, when you know beforehand that there’s basically no chance. I hope future business trips can be more considerate of your priorities. Hang in there. Hope the long weekend is good for you.

  4. bunny’s avatar

    Oh what a HUGE bummer. Isn’t it time your husband quit his job so he can be available to perform his duty every month? It just seems so damn hard to add all these scheduling disappointments to the other stresses. BLECH! I hope the trip home helps to soften the blow. It sure does sound like heaven…

  5. Nicole’s avatar

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, I came across some information about RPL not too long ago that I thought you mind find interesting. There’s a new theory that Omega3’s may help. If taken in the dosage of 2000mg per day, something about it boosting your immunology. I just read a little blurb from a Dr and thought it was worth passing on to you and any one else who has RPL.

  6. Adele’s avatar

    I’m sorry March is a bust:( It is very, very hard to let any opportunity go, I know. At the same time, though, it’s important to accept when things are out of your control. A lot of head injuries arise from banging one’s head against the brick wall of reality:(

    I’m glad you’re heading home to spend some time and to recharge. I’m thinking good thoughts for April.

  7. TasIVFer’s avatar

    Turds; sorry the timing is not being your friend this month. I hope you can find your Zen and you have a wonderful trip home!

  8. Ed’s avatar

    Hang in there, girl.

  9. Pundelina’s avatar

    Damn your awesome professionality. Pity you couldn’t have told them that you had to go away so you could bonk like bunnies. I remember tBG and I deciding that there is sick leave and carer leave, there really should be s.ex leave too.

    Enjoy heaven this weekend.


  10. misfit’s avatar

    I am with you here. One month is like a full year of your twenties or something equally ridiculous. Zen. Breathing, it’s all we’ve got. I am hoping that April is swift and fruitful for us, in all kinds of ways.