Domestic bliss

My husband and I are spending a rare weekend together. We are being thoroughly irresponsible and ignoring our work/study commitments. Yes. We are taking a break. A little mini-at-home-break. It is most pleasant.

Let’s start with Saturday.  We woke up rather early, leaving quite a lot of time to drink coffee and peruse the weekend papers.  Then to the farmers market where we bought loads of fresh fruit (peaches! at $3 per kilogram!) and vegetables, and picked up some wonderful handmade food items such as vegetable wontons, fresh papardelle, locally grown and cured olives. We bought an almond tree and an olive tree for the farm.

Next, on to the local book fair, a veritable treasure trove of secondhand books. The money raised from the fair supports a local charity. I found a copy of the one Thomas Hardy novel that I do not own for the princely sum of $1. In the evening we made a sauce of fresh tomatoes and basil for the pappardelle, accompanied by a fine sangiovese and some good music.

Sunday morning. A nice long sleep in before undertaking some household chores.  The Husband is outside mowing the lawn, while I make a compote with the aforementioned peaches. We plan on taking a nice long walk this afternoon before cooking up something hearty to keep us warm in this cool autumn weather.

It is so wonderful to just spend time together, enjoying each other’s company. Such simple pleasures. I am so very fortunate to be married to such an incredible man, and I am truly thankful for every day that we share together.

Meanwhile, next week is the time we enter the fray once more with our April attempt. But I don’t want to ruin a perfectly sappy and sentimental post with talk of that.


  1. Justine’s avatar

    That sounds absolutely divine. :) Enjoy!!

  2. Pundelina’s avatar

    It sounds like a glorious weekend Andie! I’m so glad you played hookey from responsibility and have spent the weekend in pleasurable ways – it’s so wonderful to do that.


  3. twangy’s avatar

    Peaches! Olives! Pappardelle! (Okay. So I’m not completely sure what they are.) You’re killing me!

    YES. Do wring every drop out of your break, Andie. When going through this sort of [unprintable unprintable] stuff, it is so essential to grab any available moment of happiness going begging.

  4. TasIVFer’s avatar

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  5. bunny’s avatar

    Oh Andie, that sounds like such a lovely weekend. I wish they could all be like that… and that I could have some of your peach compote!

  6. Adele’s avatar

    Andie, it sounds like a wonderful weekend. A restorative one. It’s strange – sometimes, you can’t even plan weekends like that. They just happen.

    May you have many, many more of them (with an extra dose of good luck thrown in for next weekend).

  7. egghunt’s avatar

    Oh Andie… I heart domestic bliss. I am SO with you on this one. It’s always the little things that really matter in the end.

    And I’m glad you and your hubby take the time to enjoy those things. They are gold. And your peach compote sounds pretty amazing too!

    Good luck for next week. Fingers crossed for an April conception. xx

  8. conceptionally challenged’s avatar

    That sounds wonderful, Andie. I’m a little jealous ;)
    And thanks a lot for your kind and detailed comments on my blog.