A brief update

A brief update on yesterday’s post: everything turned out well for my colleague and his wife.

The scan showed a viable pregnancy, in the right place, with a strong heartbeat, dated at eight weeks.

They are obviously very relieved, and so am I. I am so very happy for them.

Thank you, dear readers, for your kind words and positive thoughts. They are very much appreciated.



  1. Misfit’s avatar

    What a stressful situation to wander into. I am glad that everything turned out okay. Your coworker certainly found the best person to talk to in that moment. I will keep them in my thoughts.

  2. TasIVFer’s avatar

    That’s great news! I’m so relieved!!!

  3. Andie’s avatar

    Misfit – thank you. I do wonder if I was put in their path for a reason, you know?

  4. twangy’s avatar

    Ah! Breathe out. Great news. Well done, Andie.

  5. Justine’s avatar

    So glad that it turned out ok!! Keeping them–and you–in my thoughts.

  6. conceptionally Challenged’s avatar

    Glad over here, too. And I’ve wondered the same about some people I’ve confided in (being on the other side of the equation though).

  7. egghunt’s avatar

    How lucky is your colleague to have you on his side. I guess he must have sensed your sensitivity to this subject or else he never would have told you about it in the first place. So pleased to hear that everything is ok with their baby and also really releaved that he didnt pry you for information on how you became an expert in the subject. He seems like a nice person to keep around in your life.