Holiday highlights

Quelle horreur! The holidays are drawing to a close. Tomorrow we undertake a long drive back to Small City and return to work on Monday. A veritable ton of work awaits.  Sigh.

Because, you know, everyone cares what I do on my holidays, I present to you the highlights in bullet point format.

  • I ate so much chocolate this year that by rights I should be in a sugar coma.
  • I cooked. We made cannelloni stuffed with arborio rice, leeks, and mushrooms. Yes. Truly, we did. It was incredible. Then I made arancini with the leftover rice. They were delicious.
  • I baked a cake. It was a Lamington Cake.  Now, if you aren’t Australian you probably aren’t familiar with lamingtons, which are basically sponge cake cut into squares, rolled in chocolate and covered in coconut. They are ubiquitous in our fair land, but I have never made them. Someone in the office has been eating them so I thought I would give it a try. Being as I am much too lazy/have no patience/it’s the freaking holidays and I can’t be bothered to roll squares of sponge in anything, I opted for this cake version. It is awfully good.
  • We carried out a blitz on the garden. Soil has been tilled. Root crops are planted. Sprouts are sprouting. Trees are fruiting.
  • We walked on the beach and in the water up to our knees. It was lovely and warm.
  • In between we spent one whole day doing nothing but reading and napping. Bliss.
  • We had sex. That is to say, we successfully negotiated the fertile window once more, and I am now 5dpo.
  • I had a killer sinusitis headache for two days. Awesome.
  • I caught up on your blogs. I finished that book I had been reading for weeks.
  • This morning we received the news that SIL is pregnant with her fifth child.  Cue hormonal-cycle-support-induced teary moment or ten. Fortunately I have the best husband in the world to make me feel better. I will probably have more to say about this later.

Overall, a thoroughly good time was had by all.

The end.


  1. twangy’s avatar

    Ooh. See, I learned something – I always thought they were Lemming cakes, and that seemed a bit.. suicidal. Anyway, the penny, it had dropped.

    Sounds like a good holier, stinky headache from hell notwithstanding. I hope you feel better now.

    Ah yes, the reactions to other people’s happy news.. yours was totally natural, I would have thought. I have to laugh at MY reaction to discovering a friend on facebook had a child I didn’t know about (I don’t see them often needless to say) I was all outraged, like: how many does he need? As if somehow the fact he has a big family reduces my chances of having a small one??? The logic, where is it?

  2. Justine’s avatar

    Fifth?! Good thing you had chocolate and cake. Fingers xx’d for you … some day I will make Lamington cake!

  3. Pundelina’s avatar

    That sounds like you two had an excellent time stay-cationing. I especially like the sound of the day spent napping and reading – that is my idea of heaven. And Yay for your good timing and Boo for SILs fifth. Can’t she just stop popping out babies already?

  4. TasIVFer’s avatar

    Sounds like a good holiday! Especially compared to mine, which was spent feeling like poo because of a cold. :-P Lamington cake instead of the fiddly rolling in chocolate – when the sponge usually falls apart on me – sounds good!

  5. bunny’s avatar

    Oh Twangy–lemming cakes?!! Like they leap off a cliff into your mouth?

    It sounds so wonderful, barring the sister in law part. I wish ALL your time could be spent this way, but I suppose you have that rewarding *career* and all… I hope that things beyond trees and sprouts are sprouting and fruiting.

  6. mel’s avatar

    you must now be 8dpo? gooooood luuuuuuuuck again!!! all crossed here for you. xx london mel
    p.s – love the sound of the cake. not sure we have it over here. but if its cake it must be good.

  7. conceptionally Challenged’s avatar

    That sounds awesome, for the most part. Especially the chocolate :)
    But the fifth? Ouch…
    Thinking of you, and fingers crossed.

  8. Adele’s avatar

    I’m glad you had a good time – it sounds perfect, from the cooking to the walking to the gardening. Glad, also, that you made good use (ahem) of your time together on the babymaking front. Sorry about the news at the end of it, though. I understand. Completely.

    Good luck with your first week back at the grindstone – it’s always a pain to go back after lovely days.

  9. Misfit’s avatar

    Love the choco-coconut bombs. Love. We don’t have them here, but I partake when I can when in your country. Your hols sound lovely and I am sorry that things are coming to an end here, but I’m thrilled to see you get a chance to catch up on heaps of reading (blogs included).

    As for that SIL, shoot. Like FOUR weren’t enough? That’s enough to drive any reasonable infertile insane. Insane.

    I am resolved to figure out how to add you to my blogroll again. I will not be thwarted this time!

  10. egghunt’s avatar

    Yay! Lamingtons!!! Love em! They are a kiwi tradition too (much like the pavlova whose origin we will not discuss right now!). You’re making my mouth water just thinking about that sweet coconutty spongey goodness!
    Your holiday sounds perfect, filled with all the things that are important, apart from the pregnancy announcement (5 children? Seriously? Thats just showing off!).

    So hoping that life is creating itself inside you right now, would be the perfect end to your holiday for sure.