Lost for words: just another half-baked update

I feel compelled to say something, although I’m not exactly sure what.

I don’t think there is anything I can say that would accurately describe all that I (and my husband) have experienced during the past few months. Suffice to say that losing a parent is a very difficult thing. I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one for their very kind comments.


And so, to return to the topic at hand. This month was supposed to be the big return to action. You know, in our grand plan to try and take home an actual baby. It’s the first time in months that my husband and I were in the same place at the same time and both feeling like we were ready to go ahead. We agree that now that I have reached the ripe old age of thirty-eight, it’s the business end of this whole deal. It’s time to get serious, y’all! I mean, what on earth have we been doing all these years?

In the event, it turned out to be a rather half-baked attempt. But lo, an attempt was made, and now we wait. How will we pass the time during yet another infernal two week wait? How will we ever withstand the excruciating suspense of inevitable disappointment?

There is one point upon which you can rest assured,  dear readers. Passing the time during the next two weeks most certainly won’t involve wild nights filled with rampant and spontaneous non-duty sex. Of that I am quite sure.



  1. twangy’s avatar

    There you are, Andie. Ever so nice to hear your news – I was thinking of you.

    Ah, the infamous two week wait. Awful awful awful. Will be keeping fingers crossed for you, as ever.

  2. bunny’s avatar

    Thank you for popping your head up. I’m shocked that you are not grieving by having tons of elaborate sex. SHOCKED.

    In reality, I’m impressed that you could pull of the attempt. I hope you can pass the time by being good to each other (as it seems like you always are) and perhaps drinking a lot of tea. Sending you fond thoughts.

  3. Justine’s avatar

    Hm. Perhaps chocolate and candles?

    The waiting does suck. I’m sorry it’s been a difficult few months for you, and that you’re back in a different difficult place …


  4. Pundelina’s avatar

    Andie!!! You’re back! I’ve been wondering about how you’ve been so I’m glad to see an update.

    Be kind to yourself dear, life is so awfully, suckily terrible sometimes. But I am glad that you were both in the same place at the right time this month and that you managed to give Mr Andie’s joystick a whirl. You just never know.

    And I hope that this is it.


  5. Misfit’s avatar

    I have been thinking of you and wondering. I can say with half baked attempts, at least you put something in the oven. :)

    My thoughts are with you. I know that losing your parent can be hard and I can only imagine what these months have been like.

  6. Adele’s avatar

    Andie, you’ve been on my mind (sorry that this response is coming so late). I can’t imagine the way you’ve been knocked for a loop in the past few months. I’m so sorry.

    And, half-baked attempt or no, I’m hoping that the end of this 2ww brings good news. You are due.

  7. starfishkitty’s avatar

    I am glad you are back. Take care. It all starts with something, even a half baked attempt is something.

  8. Detour’s avatar

    Is it sad that our 2-week-waits are NEVER filled with wild sex?

    I’m so sorry for the loss of your mother. I cannot imagine all that you must be going through.