A good year

I would like to bid a fond farewell to 2011, and offer a hearty welcome to 2012. 2011, I have nothing more to say to you. 2012, you may take a seat by the hearth and make yourself comfortable.

There are a lot of good things on the horizon in 2012. Sadly, I do not think having a baby will be one of them. But let’s not be maudlin, shall we, dear readers? I offer you the forthcoming celebratory highlights of 2012:

  • In February I will take my final law exam. My FINAL LAW EXAM. After six long years, I will have completed law school.
  • In October I will have completed the process to be admitted to the legal profession. I will be a real, honest to goodness, lawyer. A LAWYER.
  • In December it is our tenth wedding anniversary. I am so proud of us. I love my husband. It’s going to be the best wedding anniversary EVER.
  • To celebrate all of the above …we are embarking upon the Grand Tour of Italy!
  • ITALY! I am so excited.

As you can see, there is a great deal to look forward to this coming year.

Now for the not so good. The best way to express the way I am feeling about the whole baby situation at the moment is to say that I just don’t know. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what the answer is. Although we both feel the need to do something, we just aren’t sure what that something is.

We’re taking some time to think about it. I hope that by giving ourselves this space our path might become clearer.


  1. Louisa’s avatar

    Italy is awesome, have a lovely time and a BIG congrats on becoming a lawyer.

  2. Misfit’s avatar

    Oh dear, a lawyer! Congratulations my dear. This is huge. And any list that ends in a trip to Italy is worthy of some adoration. Bring on the new year and new adventures. Ten years together is a gift worthy of a step back to rejoice in each other. My best thoughts are with you as you go about all the things above especially the whatever the something turns out to be.

  3. Justine’s avatar

    Hey there! Welcome back! And Italy … *sigh*.

    I’m glad that you’re giving yourself some space to think about your next steps. Make sure that you’re also being compassionate to yourselves, while you’re there.

    Happy new year … wishing you a 2012 full of life’s best gifts.

  4. twangy’s avatar

    Ah! Italia! How fantastic, Andie. And I am so impressed by your being a lawyer. WELL DONE, my friend, well done indeed.

    I wish you so many good things in 2012. HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  5. egghunt’s avatar

    Italy sounds like a prize worth focusing on. So lovely to hear and feel your excitement through the web, it suits you.

    As for 2011 (and the many others before it) I agree, good riddance. I also feel like i’m in a similar situation with you in regards to the just not knowing what to do. I feel so lost without that angry drive that comes from having a plan. Hopefully one way or the other it will all become clear to us (as well as having a few hundred thousand dollars turn up on our door steps, that would certainly help things!).


  6. starfishkitty’s avatar

    Congratulations on your progress. That is quite an accomplishment. 6 years!

    Best wishes for 2012 and have a fantastic time in Italy! I am super jealous ; )

  7. bunny’s avatar

    You’re such a rock star! I’m so happy that you will be getting to celebrate these many amazing achievements. WOW. WOW!!! A little old grand tour of Italy doesn’t seem like enough to reward you, but I guess it will have to do. I wish you could every last thing you long for and deserve, and I hope you find a path that takes you there. More than words can express, you know?

  8. Adele’s avatar

    You are very nearly a full-fledged member of the legal profession – well done, Andie. Not easy under the best of circumstances. But doing it while navigating what you have…all I can say is: well done, you.

    Italy! May there be copious amounts of lovely pasta and vino, Roman ruins and sunshine.

    And I hope – very much – that when you are tallying 2012, the baby bullet ends up on that list. Unexpectedly, maybe. A photo finish, even. But there.

  9. Pundelina’s avatar

    Dude! You’re gonna be a lawyer some day (very soon)! (Props to the Cat Empire’s Car Song which popped straight into my head when I read that bit of news.)
    And Italy, swoooooon. Glorious, it was completely and utterly spectacular, you’ll adore it (take lots of pics and notes to share with us if you can).
    And 10 years it a great achievement, especially through the TTC crapola.
    May 2012 be a great year for you two, it sounds as though it will be full of lovelies, I just hope it will get full of the other lovely too.


  10. Detour’s avatar

    Wow, you have so much going on! Huge congrats on finishing law school. That is a tremendous accomplishment. And Italy! What a great idea to celebrate your 10th anniversary with a trip there.

  11. Justine’s avatar

    Hey! Been thinking about you … when is your exam?

    I don’t know if you subscribe to follow up comments, and I couldn’t find your email address, but here’s the best answer I could come up with to your question (and you could absolutely use blueberries!)

    Different flours have different amounts of protein/gluten. Bread flour has the most, which makes dough “stretchy” and allows the most rise out of the bread while it’s baking. On the other end of the spectrum is pastry flour, which has very little gluten and is used for things like pie crust, which doesn’t need to rise at all. If you used bread flour for pie crust, it’d be tough, and not very flaky. If you made bread with pastry flour, it wouldn’t rise well at all because the gluten is not there to give it structure.

    All-purpose flour falls between the two. Cake flour has less gluten than all purpose flour, and will produce a more tender cake than all-purpose. I use whole wheat pastry flour because it acts sort of like all-purpose flour, but is made from whole wheat.

    But: for this recipe, you can just use plain all purpose flour and they’ll turn out fine! (In fact, the original recipe had only all-purpose.)

  12. egghunt’s avatar

    Hi Andie, thanks for your lovely comment today. I have been looking at my reader and waiting for a post from you. I hope you are ok, or too busy having a life to blog :)
    Now I’m pretty sure you’re in australia right? Do you watch the TV programme Offspring? I must admit it’s a all time fav for me but I had recorded last weeks show and only just got around to watching it yesterday (i’m not sure how far we are behind australia) and it was the one with the missed miscarriage. Gawd did that make me cry. If you don’t watch it then you wont know what i’m talking about but just the shot of billie sitting on the couch after coming home from hospital made me loose the plot. The expression on her face was just too much, too real, too close to home. Anyway as I was watching it I thought of you and wondered if you’d seen it too.
    Take care

  13. Pundelina’s avatar

    Hey Andie :)

    How are you going with everything? I hope you are doing good xx