Back in the game

Well, dear readers, it certainly has been a long time. There has been nothing to say. Progress has not been made in the “what the hell do we do now” department. We have been avoiding The Talk.  Hell, even watching a story about embryo donation on a lightweight television current affairs program last week couldn’t induce us to have The Talk.

I think it is partly because I don’t want the Husband to say Things That I Don’t Want to Hear.  I think we are also both well aware of what the options are at this point, and none of them are palatable. The chances of success this late in the game appear extremely remote, regardless of any options we decide to pursue.

Nonetheless, this month we both felt like it would be a good time to give it a shot. I have no idea why. We pulled off a perfectly timed cycle and now I find myself back in the middle of the perpetual  “am I/aren’t I/could it be/it couldn’t be/well it might be/who are you kidding/get a grip/stop being a psycho/this is never going to work”  psychological horror show that is the two week wait.

There’s at least five days to go.

Send cake.


  1. Pundelina’s avatar

    Andie!!!!! You’re out there!!!!!

    I know too well your monthly suspense show – can I send cake? Where would I send it to? Maybe you should email me :)

    You’re still in with a shot and stranger things have happened

    I am on your side and screaming at the Universe to get with the program and make it happen.


  2. bunny’s avatar

    Here’s an enormous virtual cake, along with a big bucket of hope that this will be THE TIME. It’s never too late for the universe to do right by you guys. Everyone’s got a set of anecdotes about that couple who tried for years, why shouldn’t it be you this time? How’s everything else? Work? Life? Garden? Getting along with that grieving a major loss business?

  3. Misfit’s avatar

    Welcome back, Andie! I’ve missed you greatly. A nice slice of delicious choco raspberry cake is here with tea to welcome you. A well timed cycle is something to celebrate on it’s own. Glad to have you back!

  4. Adele’s avatar

    I’m sending cake, fond hopes and the best possible mojo. And I DO think it’s smart to give it a shot, even if you do find yourself right back in the middle of a two week wait. It’s only from THAT (horribly limbo-like) position that the next part can hopefully happen. (And I’m full of hope that it can happen.)

  5. Justine’s avatar

    Oh! Cake will be made. Whatever sort you like best.

    Hang in there … waiting with you.

  6. Twangy’s avatar

    I proffer cake and luck, and I wish I could turn up and eat it with you. (The cake, not the luck. It would be rude to offer you luck and then scoff it in front of you, I feel. Also not entirely sure what luck would taste like.)


    Sending you good thoughts.