Wonder of wonders

Wonder of wonders! Much to my great surprise, I have discovered a doctor right here in Small City who specialises in the treatment of, well, problems like mine, and who has in fact treated patients with intralipids.  Shock!

We have an appointment on August 9.

Yes, I know. August 9. When I delivered this news, the husband responded with “ouch”. For me though, it was more or less as I was expecting.  So now we wait. Again.



  1. bunny’s avatar

    Oh Andie! This is so exciting. It’s about time something got a little bit easier in your life. I wish you could have gotten a magic instant appointment, but hey, let’s save any remaining good luck for the treatment.

  2. Egghunt’s avatar

    Great news!!!
    I love it when things turn out to be easier than first expected (and lets face it, this sort of thing doesnt happen often enough!).

    So tell me, are you getting IVIG or Intralipids? Interested to hear about your treatment cause I know it’s not big on our side of the globe. I looked at getting intralipids for one of my FETs but in the end didnt go ahead with it. Not for any other reason apart from it was logistically difficult for me to coordinate and in my heart I knew it probably wasnt the answer for us personally as my eggs were never up to the task. But for YOU!! this is EXCITNG! Do tell! xx

  3. Andie’s avatar

    Hi Egghunt,

    I don’t have any details yet, I will have to discuss with the new doctor in August. Basically we are looking at intralipids. I will give you more details as they come to hand!

  4. Pundelina’s avatar

    Woohoo! It’s falling into place and made easier for you Andie! That is great news :)

  5. Adele’s avatar

    I’m chiming in very belatedly but veeeeeeery glad to read this news. And I am hoping with all of me that they contain the secret key.

  6. Stephen’s avatar

    My wife and I are on the same journey. Can you share the details of the doctors you mentioned regarding the reproductive immunologists in Sydney,


  7. Franka’s avatar

    Just googled “Intralipids” in Australia and came across your post. I am desperately trying to find a doctor for it in Brisbane or Sydney.
    Could you give me the name of the Doctor you were seeing?Thanks in advance and good luck to you and your Husband.