Away we go

Buon viaggio, dear readers, for today we leave for five weeks in bella Italia and France. Oh!

There is nothing of interest to mention regarding the ttc situation. We had a follow up appointment with Dr New last week. I am not sure what the point of this appointment was, other than to deliver more thyroid test results, because there is little left to say at this point.

Dr New re-iterated that she thinks our best chance is to do IVF, not because it will overcome RPL, but because we need to look at the embryos as the great unknown. I accept the logic of this argument but I am still ambivalent. All I heard was blah blah, IVF, blah blah, embryo, blah blah, no time to waste, blah blah.

My response to all this was that as we are going overseas, we aren’t doing anything right now. Then it will be mid-November, and then it will be Christmas. At this stage we plan to do another tracking cycle when we return and then we are to have another appointment with Dr New in January if we decide to attempt IVF.

Surprisingly, my husband seems to be leaning towards IVF. Which is fine for him to say, given that his part is…well, I am sure that I don’t have to explain it to you. He wants to talk about it while on holidays. I prefer to ignore the whole thing in the hope it will go away.

Italy is not meant for such things. Italy is for the greater experiences of art, history, wine, love, and eating one’s body weight in gelato.


  1. twabgy’s avatar

    oh extremely buon viaggio! Have a wonderful wonderful time. October is the perfect time for it.

    Maybe the decision will benefit from travelling, too.

    Or be waiting for you when you come back.

    Baci, baci

  2. Justine’s avatar

    Buon viaggio, indeed! I will live vicariously … you deserve a marvelous time, and great quantities of gelato!

  3. bunny’s avatar

    Hello! I’ve been thinking about you, what with it having been about a month since you met with Dr. New. I’m sorry her mere presence didn’t knock you up. I think your response is an excellent one, and I plan to use it myself if ever faced with a heartbreaking situation. THIS SUCKS! I’M OFF TO ITALY! I hope you guys have a wonderful, wonderful time. I think it’s mushroom season in Italy, so feel free to wander the hills picking porcini.

  4. Egghunt’s avatar

    ohhh!! Gelato!! Italy!!! how amazing!!!!!

    I think you’re perfectly fine to be hearing ‘bla bla bla ivf bla bla bla” from Dr New right now. You cant go somewhere you’re not ready to mentally so no need to waste time thinking of somethign that isnt in your radar yet. I think your plan is a great one. Enjoy italy! Enjoy Christmas! See what happens in the new year and THEN decide how you feel. You’ll know when it feels right for you (if it ever does) so just trust yourself.

    And enjoy that gelato!!! I’m so jealous, I LOVE gelato. Cant wait to hear all about your holiday.

  5. Pundelina’s avatar

    You’re very kind to be thinking of me and sending me positive thoughts about my silly what-ifs! How is your trip? And where are the piccies please, I want to be living vicariously through you! Also, can you send me an email so I can email you?
    I hope you’re swilling vast quantities of awesome vino, eating tons of yummy gelati and pasta and generally drinking in the beauty that is Italia x <3