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We have a scheduled appointment for a follow-up with Dr New later this week.  However, Dr New actually given up her practice and left town. We have been transferred to someone else. Dr Someone Else seems perfectly reasonable from her online biography. It’s just that starting over at this point with yet another doctor just seems unbearable. It was hard enough with Dr New.

You see, I didn’t actually want to see Dr New. I did not want to have to tell the whole story over again, endure all the invasive questions, and end up with the same set of limited options. I am completely aware of what those options are, at this point. All I wanted was my beloved Dr C. But with Dr C far, far away, and old age rapidly approaching, we decided to give it one last shot. There really wasn’t any option other than to consult a local doctor.

I am hesitant about going to this appointment. D had to drag me to the one with Dr New. He will probably have to do the same again. I will consider this a go-see, just in case there is some new perspective that can be shed on our situation (something I highly doubt).

It seems that the troubles we’ve experienced all these years have finally taken their toll on my husband. He continues to be surprisingly optimistic. Enthusiastic, even. Poor dear. He’s clearly become delusional.



  1. Misfit’s avatar

    I am lending hope to you in any way I can. Going through yet another doctor visit is harder and harder as time passes. There is hope and I am with your optimistic husband.

  2. Twangy’s avatar

    Andie. I empathise entirely. I hate the doctors, (I mean, I am sure they are Perfectly Nice People. You know what I mean.) I passionately hate the explanations.

    But, fwiw, (not even a stick of gum) and as someone who is somewhat (ehem!) older than you, I do somewhat regret not having followed up more aggressively than I did a few years ago. Not because it probably would have made a difference, but because that small doubt is still there, as expressed in that “probably”. So, yes, uncomfortable as it is, I think you are doing the right thing. I highly recommend a Nice Treat for you for afterwards. This is helpful, I find.

    I hoped this wasn’t the annoying kind of unasked-for advice.
    ..? [Feels uncertain.] You know I wish you ALL THE VERY BEST, I hope. :-)

  3. Andie’s avatar

    Twangy dear, I do know that, and no, it wasn’t annoying advice. It was very much appreciated advice. You can be sure that I will have a Nice Treat afterwards. Pass the Jaffa Cakes, please :)

  4. Twangy’s avatar

    *Passes Andie mountain of Jaffa cakes*


  5. bunny’s avatar

    I find that I am actually lightly enraged with Dr. New for moving away. I suppose technically it is not her duty to solve all your problems, but it still angers me. In any event, I hope you went, and I hope it wasn’t too awful, and I hope…I dunno, that you guys have a way of moving forward that makes you both feel stronger.