Nope, nothing to see here

Due to work commitments, I had to reschedule my doctor’s appointment. It is now set for February 20. There is nothing to report. I do not have a newsworthy post to write. Instead, dear readers, I will entertain you with some photos from my garden. Look! Plants!



  1. Justine’s avatar

    OOOoooh! You’re making me long for summer. :)

  2. Pundelina’s avatar

    Yay for nice vegies Andie!
    Boo for rescheduling because of work, are you flat out?

  3. Twangy’s avatar

    Me too! They look utterly perfect.

  4. Andie’s avatar

    Hi Pundie,
    I hope you are enjoying are a wonderful trip to India. Yes, I am on a special project at work right now and it is extremely busy.

  5. Egghunt’s avatar

    Looking forward toyour update after the 20th…..

    Beautiful, amazing, healthy looking plants. YUM. Well done!!!

  6. TasIVFer’s avatar

    Beautiful! We moved house in spring so my veggie garden isn’t as established as it should be, however I have heaps of tomatoes and basil right now. The joys of summer!